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Our Work

Our work is Your Media. Each and every campaign, video or event has been tailored to suit the needs of each customer, all in the pursuit to build a strong relationship with their current and potential clients. It’s truly a new day for media, these are our relationships, this is Your Media.

About Us

Welcome to Your Media, we’re a full service digital agency based in Sydney and we’re driven to helping Your Media, excuse the pun. There’s truly nothing we love more than sinking our teeth into all things digital but, we do have a soft spot for the power of video. But why Video you might ask? Well it’s because video has proven to be a great foundation to truly capture the essence of a story and then have the potential to tell it in multiple ways, and on multiple mediums.

Once the words ‘advertising’ and ’marketing’ meant you would print a huge bill-board and hope that someone walking or driving past would noticed. Things have now changed. You can engage, entertain and build a targeted relationship through digital media. How you might ask?

You yourself are probably guilty of spending more time on your phone, computer or tablet taking in endless amounts of content, and mostly video. Each day you go back and slowly but surely begin to make these videos, pages, blogs apart of your daily intake. You’re building a relationship with the content, the brand or the product.

Now at lunch you share videos with co-workers, tell them news about new products coming out like you’re apart of the business itself. Because with a relationship comes trust and trust is the best incentive to make a sale, obtain a lead or recommend to a friend. So here’s a little taste of February and the relationships we’re building here at Your Media.

Work With Us

Every campaign, every video, every little thing we do at Your Media we treat as if it was our own. Our experience has always left us working closely with clients, getting to know them, their customers, their staff, the stories that shape them now and the desires they have to shape their future. It’s all about building a relationship, and in this digital era you can build a relationship with your customers on their phones, computers and daily lives better than ever before. Consistency, Presence & Your Media. It’s time to build a relationship with your customers, let us help.

Our Clients